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Перевод технического текста с английского на русский язык (Код: 6385)


Перевод технического текста с английского на русский язык




Model: FK-007X



(1) Product Overview

Operating Frequency: 850MHZ.900MHZ. I800MHZ. I900MHZ;

Compact design. The signal is strong: loud Voice; Positioning accuracy; Picture is clear; Image transmission speed, stable performance; Super-long standby; Universal around the world. It has greatest advantage.

Support Country: (China, Britain, France, Germany, Holland, Spain, Brazil, Portugal, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Turkey, India, Greece, Hungary, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and so on)


(2) Technical parameters





L 48mm * W 35mm • H 15mm


Sensor type





1.3 million

Expansion card

Micro T-Flash card,  Support 64M—32GB Byte


Polymer(600 mAh)

Standby Time

Work 0.5 – 5 days



Standby 7-10 days

Induction distance


Monitoring scope

100 Square meters


(3) The functional operation

Product features:

1. The initiative for MMS

2. Send MMS infrared induction, and at the same time callback binding phone 1 to 2 minutes

3. Call automatic answer

4. The recording function

5. The video function

6. Positioning function

Turn on/off

Warm prompt: I): the new SIM should open GPRS, otherwise can't normal use pictures to send MMS. II): SIM should open appear caller id function, otherwise unable to normal use don't identify the master number, take pictures to send MMS.

1: after insert SIM card hold down the power button for 3 to 5 seconds, indicating lamp lights for boot, namely can call after lights out.

2: direct light referring to eject pressure SIM card machine (does not support: telecom SIM and CDMA card.)


Number binding - check - delete

1) by editing text messages "SZ# tel number#" to the machine, such as: mobile phone number is 13823536903, the text "SZ #13823536903 #" sent to put on the SIM card number in the product can, after the success of the binding machine returns "XXXXXXXXXXX binded ok".

2) text "GET" to the machine, which can check and return message: "Bind num: XXXXXXXXXXX".

3) send SMS "DEL" to the machine on the SIM number, you can delete the binding number, return message: "Bind num is null".

4) this number will return back MMS, reply back to dial the phone and SMS, etc.


MMS - Alarm telephone connected:

This machine has function of taking pictures automatically, for the lens within the scope of the 0 to 8 meters ahead, bearing 120 degrees, when detect the human body or heat objects to be moved back and forth for about 2 seconds to trigger, instant take hd pictures, and immediately sent to the scheduled receiving number, dial scheduled at the same time in the process of sending mobile phone number.


Remote control configuration:

1) send The "0000" to the SIM card number after successful turn off this feature, return sms: "The PIR - Alarm closed".

2) send The "1111" is open induction, return to message "The PIR -Alarm The opened".

3) send the COFF" to the SIM card number and closed the telephone dialing Alarm, return message "Call Alarm closed".

4) send the "CON" to the SIM card after open the phone dial Alarm, return the sms: "Call Alarm the opened".


Camera function:

Text "MMS" sent to the product will automatically take a photo and exist on the machine, for users to save the cost of using the T card, waiting for 15 to 25 seconds time namely receive MMS, beyond the market needs to wait for 40-70 seconds of MMS comes back of similar products (which function should be with GPRS and MMS function).

Precise positioning base station: (locate) is available to both at home and abroad

Send the letter "W" to the machine, the machine immediately return a link, receive link to open the can see the location, the following diagram:




Video recording:

A: can edit text messages of "VDO" sent to the product (this feature requires T card support).

B: long press the power button directly after 2-3 seconds into the video, at the start of the normal video, will flash lights a few seconds.

Stop Video:

A: text "VOV" sent to the product to stop the video (this feature requires T card support).

Reply prompt: Be videoing stop it stop video.

B: long press the power button will stop the video, will tight a long seconds at this time.

Record the sound:

Edit text "SDO" sent to the product (this feature requires T card).

Reply tips: sound the begin, start the recording.

Stop recording sound: edit text "SOV" sent to the product (this feature requires T card).

Reply: sound stop, saved, stop the recording.

Restart the remote control:

In MMS jam not receive MMS case, try to restart the machine can restore factory Settings for MMS comes back.

Edit text "RET" machine will restart after 3 seconds.

Automatic answer: this product has the function of automatic answer, below a short press the power button will clear timbre, prompt the machine in working condition.

Electricity prompt:

At the time of product of Low voltage, the machine will automatically send SMS to the owner, prompt of Low voltage, return: "Low PIR will close".


(4) Attention

- when using computer USB connection MMS would be affected. You are advised to restart the card machine after exit from the USB.

- when using multimedia message SIM card first opened GPRS function, and to guarantee the most bottom insert SIM card balance in 5 usd of above.

- before charging must insert SIM card, can be recharged.

- phone use should be fully charged before, in order to achieve the best results, please use the original machine installed with charging line.

- the charger standard: 300-500 ma, + / - 5.0 V in order to avoid damage to the host.

Suitable for the size of the SIM card: long 25 mm * 15 mm wide

- the light not bright, batteries, charge before use.

- couldn't get through the phone, card again after commissioning or charging test again.

- don't automatically answer, card boot again.

- need to plus controller, to their own.

- please teardown man-made damage to be outside the scope of "3 packets".

- this product is used for illegal purposes is forbidden, otherwise will be investigated for legal responsibility.


Binded Phone: After push-into the SIM card and press the power-key to Power on, send SMS order to bind your phone number.

MMS-CALL Alarm: It can take a 320X240 photo soon within 0-7 meters with the angular range 120 circles, when people or animals come across, then send out the picture and save it; later 3-12 seconds the photo reached the binded nums, and the machine start dial alarm.

Real-Time Take MMS: It can take a high definition picture and tend out at once, within 3-12 seconds the picture reached the binded phone.

Remote Video & Audio Record: It can record video or audio by order at any time if you put it in the house, car and warehouse, etc.

Auto Answer: it can let you listen the audio around it, the voice is clear, and the audio range is about 100 square meters can start AGPS function

Application: elders, children, pets, car, shop, warehouse, steamer, home, office, hotel, storeroom, container, meeting room, etc (anti-lost, monitor, alarm, location, etc.)

Mini equipment and light weight, matting touch, good quality and durable with 2 years quality assurance.


Size: 48x35x15mm                          battery vol: 500 mha

Sensor pixel:1.3 million                            infrared distance : 0-7meters

Work current: 1 – 100 mha             work voltage: 3,7V

Video Definition: 320X240             video Frame Rate: 25FSP


Operating Instruction

1. Binding number SZ “phone no”

2. Sending MMS for taking pictures

3. Video ON\OFF                                      VDO\VOV

4. Record ON\OFF                                    SDO\SOV

5. Location\Restart                                    W\RET

6. Check NO.\Delete NO.                 GET\DEL

7. OFF\Open induction function      0000\1111

8. OFF\Open phone call                            COFF\CON


Model: FK-007X




Модель FK – 007X 



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